Package & Fees

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Great Price Plan for You!

Small Group

(2-5 students)
$ 45 /Month
  • 4 lessons Monthly (45$, IDR 760k) /student
  • 8 lessons Monthly (85$, IDR 1.380k) /student
  • 12 lessons Monthly (125$, IDR 1.950k) /student
Popular Choice

One to one Class

$ 55 /Month
  • 4 lessons Monthly (55$, IDR 860k) /student
  • 8 lessons Monthly (95$, IDR 1.480k) /student
  • 12 lessons Monthly (135$, IDR 2.110k) /student

Special Request

$ - /Month
  • Date & Time (Open discuss)
  • Prices (Open discuss)
  • Number of Meetings (Open discuss)

we’ll enrich your child’s learning by supplementing their studies with free workshops and weekly homework help. These interactive workshops assist in the overall development of the student and are something that we value highly.

What’s the difference between classes and private tutoring? How do I know which one is suitable for me?

BTC encourages individuals to join classes in order to gain more value as well as build confidence to interact with peers. However, private tuition is available for students who need individualistic support – whether you are struggling or accelerated. Students are welcomed to do a entrance test to see which method of learning will accomodate their educative needs.

Can I get a refund if I miss a lesson?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or credits. However, students are welcome to do a make-up lesson in the end of period for the missed lesson.

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