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About Us

Brain Tuition Centre (BTC) is an Exclusive Online Education for local students (Indonesian) and international students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. We provide some general Subjects (Mathematics, Science, Languages, History, and the Arts) tuition for Primary and Secondary School children on a one-to-one class or small group basis.

When a child first starts at the Brain Tuition Centre, they are assessed and given work suitable to their ability. Every child is given a programme of work to suit their individual needs; the right level in the subject’s workbooks and the appropriate level in the reading scheme or library. This is what makes Brain Train Tuition Centre special.

We will help to improve your child’s academic and social skills, as well as build their confidence and belief in their ability. Each student’s capabilities and potential are unique, and Brain Tuition Centre is here to guide them through their learning journey to succeed and exceed.

Our goal is to create insight in an individual about one’s interests and passions as the majority of us don’t get to know them.

Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds from local to international teachers. We only use experienced, qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience.


We are helping the students to fix their difficulties to understand the subjects they were struggling with.


We strive to give all students, regardless of ability, the requisite support, and motivation required to support their learning career.

Live Interactive Classes

We lead by example through our highly qualified and passionate tutors who equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare them for school assessments and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions


Enrolling can easily be done through our website by clicking on ‘Enrol now’. If you know which classes you are joining it takes only a few minutes to fill out our registration form!

We encourage students to enrol at the start of the term as each lesson progressively builds upon the last. However, we understand you may have other commitments to sort out, therefore students are welcome to enrol at any time during the year.

Do we pay extra or bring our own materials?

This is a one-off fee that every student must pay that covers administration, homework help, and materials over the journey of your child’s education at The Brain Tuition Centre. Whilst other tutoring centres charge a termly fee for materials or homework help, we don’t believe in such hidden costs. We aim to provide our own materials, assistance, and support for all students to accommodate their learning needs without the extra termly cost.

Regardless of school term weeks, every term in the Brain Tuition Centre is 10 weeks unless you are in Year 12 which will have 11 weeks.

  • Term 1 2023: Monday 27th of Jan to Sunday 5th of April
  • Term 2 2023: Monday 27th of April to Sunday 5th of July
  • Term 3 2023: Monday 20th of July to Sunday 27th of September
  • Term 4 2023: Monday 14th of October to Sunday 22nd of December

Note: All lessons during the term on a public holiday still run as normal.

We see the value of organising English classes based on schools. This is because topics, texts, and assessments from schools will vary. As a result, school-based classes are an effective way to ensure students are getting the relevant help for their individual assignments. This allows the students to interact with a tutor who has experience from that particular school as well as from greater connections with their school peers.

We understand that some schools cover topics in different order. As a result, many tutoring centres will ignore this and the students will fall behind at school, defying the logic of them attending tutoring to be with! Therefore, with schools that run their programs in a different order to the syllabus allocation, we have specialised classes. We understand that may not offer classes for some schools, therefore we suggest students form classes of their own at a time of their choosing and we can assign a qualified and experienced teacher.

Yes, sure! If you would like to introduce us to your family and friends and they'll join us In shā Allāh we will give you a DISCOUNT of 3% for a month and for a programme! Also if there's your family member interested, we'll give discounts too!

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